CoAE series for turning and milling the entire length

The CoAE is a face driver that is manually clamped  in a turning machine. It is mainly used for turning over the entire length. The components are clamped on the face side. In addition, Milling can be carried out in the same clamping process. It scores points with constant clamping force even with an uneven end face or large deviations from the orthogonality. The mount has no  radial play. Due to the modular construction, it is possib-le to use different centers as well as different driver  discs with a single face driver and that way machine  a great variety of geometries. The CoAE can be used  with both clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation.

The CoAE replaces Röhm face drivers CoA as well as CoE. It combines the benefits of both face drivers in one.

Manual machining equipment  (CoK variant for automatic machining equipment)

Turning and milling of rotationally symmetric geometries over the entire length


  • Concentricity of up to 0.01 mm
  • Up to 8 kN axial loadin
  • Up to 350 kg workpiece weigh
  • Sensitive, axially-adjustable spring assembly for adaptation of the centering force
  • No radial play


It is possible to machine a multitude of  geometries within one size with one body

  1. Set screw
  2. Spring assembly
  3. Locking device
  4. Hydraulic reservoir
  5. Body
  6. Center
  7. Driver disc
  8. Bolts


Product Manager Dennis Wimmer explains the CoAE in a WebSession (german)

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