Tool clamping systems

SK and HSK are the standardized interfaces for tool changes. Besides the clamping sets, we have a number of complete systems based on them. And there’s more: With our built-in clamping heads, we offer standardized modules with which large tools can be connected to the processing machine quickly and easily. There are our clamping heads in various sizes for pallet clamping of clamping devices in the machine tool.

HSK Superlock

for clamping HSK tools with the shortest overall lengths


HSK manual clamping set

for manual clamping of HSK tools


SK automatic clamping sets

for clamping SK tools


Built-in clamping head RESK

for the connection of interchangeable machining units and work-holding devices in large machine tools and machining centers


Clamping heads SPK

for clamping pallets with very high change precision



for automatic lubrication of clamping sets in the machine tool


F-senso spindle

for measuring the clamping force in the spindle for HSK and SK


How can tools be changed quickly, easily and precisely? This is a highly-relevant question not only for automated manufacturing. Behind the question for precision is the requirement for high system rigidity and repeatability. At Röhm, we have decades of experience in the development of clamping systems according to the SK and HSK standard.

HSK automatic clamping systems

for clamping HSK tools in machine tools


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