Many different sites make up a group: RÖHM.

The RÖHM group

We definitely consider the German sites in Sontheim, Dillingen and St. Georgen as the centre of our operations. But it is only when the individual sites around the world are joined together that a strong unified body is formed: The RÖHM group.


Headquarter in Sontheim/Brenz

Sontheim is where RÖHM's main factory is located. The highly modern 41,000 m2 manufacturing facilities offer optimum conditions. In the future, these facilities will enable us to deal with the enormous range of demanding construction and production
tasks in a way which is better, faster and more efficient. Thanks to the excellent infrastructure and transport routes available, this location is ideal for a company relying on perfect product quality as well as maximum flexibility. Furthermore, the region around Sontheim offers another key basis for the success of our company: it is rich in quality awareness and motivated employees with the result that we are ideally prepared for the challenges of the future.

Dillingen/Danube site

This branch plant in Dillingen was put into operation by the RÖHM Group as early as 1953. Thanks to extremely positive development, the plant is subject to constant expansion and modernisation. For this reason, new modern production facilities were built in 1982 and 1991. In 2007 RÖHM built a new production hall for two portal turning and milling machines. This enables machining of workpieces with diametres of up to 4 metres which will secure a leading market position for the RÖHM brand in the future. Today, more than 300 employees are primarily involved in engineering and manufacturing lathe chucks, machine vices and special clamping equipment for turning and milling machinery as well as for machining centres.

St. Georgen site

The St. Georgen site is a small, yet acomplished high-tech forge. In addition to standard clamping mandrels, this is where tailor-made solutions are developed for a wide range of different requirements. RÖHM retains mechanical or power-operated mandrels, sliding jaw mandrels and hydraulic mandrels for its customers for clamping workpieces in drill holes or inner contours.