Cylindrical and flat grinding

Almost all Röhm products for clamping and gripping, which are used in turning and milling systems, are also suitable for grinding. You can find Röhm products here, which were developed specifically to be used for round and flat grinding.

Cylindrical grinding

Cartridge mandrels, classic

for manual internal clamping without end-face stop for measuring operations and easy grinding


Collet chucks, high-precision

for high-precision, external clamping or workpieces with smooth or toothed outer geometry for turning, milling, grinding and measuring operations


High-precision geared scroll chucks

for variable manufacturing with a large jaw adjustment range  and maximum concentricity



Air-operated wedge hook chuck for very high concentricity and clamping repeatability within 0.003 mm

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flat grinding

NC-Compact vices, precision design

for the highest precision and clamping precision up to 60 kN, with fixed jaw clamping


Grinding and inspection vices

for maximum clamping precision