NC-Compact vices

for the highest clamping precision up to 60 kN, with fixed jaw clamping

NC-Compact vices from RÖHM are optimally suited for one-off and series production. Different models and model lengths facilitate optimum adaptation to the workspace, workpiece and machining task. They are particularly suited for use on machining centers, milling machines and are ideal for 5-sided machining. These premium vices prevail due to a stable and compact design for the highest clamping precision and best workpiece accessibility. By simply turning the clamping force pre-setting, a clamping force of up to 60 kN can be achieved.  With workpieces that are sensitive to deformation, the force amplification can be disabled.

Clamping takes place in two steps: in the first step, the vice is closed and pre-clamped by turning the hand crank. In the second step, continuing to turn the crank clamps a toggle lever, which enables the high clamping force by power transmission.

1: Stable, steel body, and supporting surfaces and guides hardened and ground on all sides

2: Fixed clamping jaws for positioning with pinpoint accuracy

3: Stable chip guard prevents chips from penetrating into the interior of the vice

4: Central lubrication for fast lubrication of all functional surfaces

5: Drive spindle with clamping force pre-setting


mit Kraftübersetzer zur Voreinstellung der Spannkraft für empfindliche Werkstücke, bis 60 kN und 315 mm Öffnung

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RKE / hydraulic

with hydraulic actuation for automation, up to 60 kN and 315 mm opening
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without power transmitter, manually operated, for smooth clamping forces up to 60 kN and 315 mm opening

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short design with power transmitter for pre-setting the clamping force for sensitive workpieces, up to 40 kN and 215 mm opening

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