HSK automatic tool clamping sets

for clamping HSK tools in clamping systems

Röhm HSK tool clamping sets score points in three ways:


  • The clamping segments are clipped into a clip ring. If the clip ring is worn, the jaws can still be used. That saves money and protects the environment. And, clipping-in is very easy. The clip ring system has been patented by RÖHM and makes mounting particularly easy.

  • There are the practical assembly tools from Röhm for using an HSK tool clamping set. That way the process is quick and convenient. We find that this is how people work with HSK clamping sets these days.
  • The clamping jaws from Röhm are always DLC-coated. This ensures low wear on the pressure piece and hence a longer service life, even with high tool changing frequencies. We find that this is how it has to be.

For particularly high speeds, like the ones found in wood machining among other things, there is the Röhm HSK clamping set in the High Speed design. Additional guide rails on the pressure piece ensure exact positioning of the clamping segments. That way the High Speed design is very well balanced even at high speeds.

Clamping set, Standard

Standard design with compact construction; HSK 25-160

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Clamping set, High Speed

High Speed design for higher speeds through exact guidance of the clamping segments; HSK 25-125

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Clamping Set - Slim

We made our tried and true clamping set a bit longer and adjusted the contour. Fits on numerous tool clamps in the market. HSK 50, 63, 100


Assembly tool

For easy, fast and safe mounting of HSK clamping sets; HSK 25-160

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Exchange of a clamping set against the HSK slim clamping set from RÖHM

The Lubritool lubrication tool from Röhm is for lubrication of your HSK clamping system.