Give your machine tool something to bite. Not just something to chew on.

The DURO-A is a three-jaw chuck with through-hole. It is most commonly used for turning of cylindrical and disc-shaped unfinished parts, and can be activated automatically (e.g. hydraulically). The DURO-A effortlessly handles high speeds, has formidable clamping force, and was designed with a reduced interference contour, making it ideal for automated machining. The DURO-A replaces the Röhm KFD-HE power chuck, as well as the majority of the KFD-HS sizes. This chuck comes at a reduced purchase price and is backed by a 36-month warranty. The jaws of the KFD-HE and KFDHS fit on the DURO-A.

Designed for
Automated machine tools

Machining bars, tools, flanges, and discs


  • High clamping forces (up to 250 kN, in the 400-version)
  • High speeds (up to 8.000 turns per min. in the 165-version)
  • Reduced interference contour
  • Big through-hole

Why it's a wise investment

  • Superior durability
  • Backed by a 36-month warranty
  • Competitive pricing


  1. Flange with cylindrical centre mount
  2. Basic body
  3. Center sleeve
  4. Threaded ring/draw tube adapter
  5. Annular piston
  6. Base jaws

Technology of the DURO-A power chuck

Brochure for download [PDF]

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Duro-A Manual