The KFD-HS power chuck from RÖHM


A lot of shavings in just a short time. In addition, a long service life, the highest precision and accuracy: Users of Röhm products are used to this, and exactly that is offered by the clamping and gripping specialist with its...Read more »

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When the dreams of logisticians come true


That which was a future vision a few years ago is tangible reality today. With its drone gripper, the clamping and gripping specialist, RÖHM, is making the wishes of in-plant logisticians come true. That is because the gripper...Read more »

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Cleverly networked with Germany’s most intelligent clamping system: Röhm goes Industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 is making great strides and is omnipresent as a topic. However, solutions are often only recognisable as theoretical models. In many cases so far, specific applications are sought in vain in practice. RÖHM is now...Read more »

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The new vices from RÖHM: Everything simply works best with them


As a specialist for clamping and gripping technology, RÖHM is constantly expanding its product range and adapting existing products to changing market requirements. Hence, two variations of vice classics were reissued.Read more »

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Clamping and gripping technology in the Champions’ League


The large numbers of visitors, and enthusiastic comments from the trade public, send out a clear message – the clamping and gripping solutions presented by RÖHM on the occasion of the EMO trade fair in Hanover show that the...Read more »

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Workpieces perfectly palletised and time and money saved in the process


When being setup, machine tools are not used productively and don’t contribute to earnings. The clamping process of the workpiece is also a time-consuming and cost-intensive factor. That is why it is necessary to reduce the setup...Read more »

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Ready for the future: RÖHM Slovakia celebrates its tenth anniversary


It is now ten years since RÖHM acquired a presence on the Slovakian market by opening a branch in the country. It has been a very successful period for the plant. The anniversary is now being officially celebrated by all the...Read more »

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