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The clamping and gripping technology specialist RÖHM has simplified the selection of suitable clamping jaws for its customers. With the RÖHM Jaw Finder you can find suitable clamping jaws simply and comfortably. In future you can select from the comprehensive range with only three mouse clicks.

The comprehensive clamping jaw program offers a large number of the most diverse jaw types for all clamping options. Suitable for manual lathe chucks, independent chucks and power chucks from different manufacturers both in industrial and artisan production. No matter whether its one-piece jaws, reversible top jaws, claw jaws, draw-down jaws or other types of the versatile range. It's as easy as it sounds: You will get the suitable clamping jaw in only 3 steps and with the convenient enquiry function you can request a quote directly via the Jaw Finder.

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