Synthetic gripper RRMP

Individual, cost-effective, lightweight

No matter whether round stock, prismatic workpieces or free-form surfaces: The Röhm synthetic gripper RRMP is produced for the customer within a short time - new manufacturing processes make it possible.

In practice, the RRMP is convincing by its extremely low weight and tested endurance strength. Thus, the synthetic gripper from ROHM, for example, is tested on the drill chuck assembly line Extra-RV, in daily use. Here too, absolute reliability and durability is important. The failure of any single component would result in stoppage of the entire assembly process. Joachim Hander, production expert drill chuck assembly: "In our plant, the RRMP moves roughly 16,000 drill chucks daily. Where in the past maintenance was needed after two million strokes, the synthetic gripper continues to run without any problem. In the meantime, it has performed more than 8 million maintenance-free gripping cycles and no signs of wear."



Application range

  • Ideal solution for light workpieces
  • For round stock, prismatic workpieces or free-form surfaces


Technical features:

  • Air operated
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Jaws can be designed with free-form surfaces


Customer advantage

  • Individually adapted to your workpiece
  • Extremely light in weight
  • Compact design
  • Maintenance-free until up to more than 8 million cycles
  • air operated
  • High repeating accuracy
  • Tested fatigue strength


Model with air distributor

The RRMP can also be used in combination with a triple air distributor. For unlimited, multiple turning. The limit switch signal can be transmitted via a rotary feedthrough. The power is supplied via built- in glide ring contacts and air holes.

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Synthetic gripper RRMP
Individual, cost-effective, lightweight

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Press release

Synthetic gripper RRMP 
RÖHM launches a synthetic gripper with customizable jaws on the market

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