5-axis azentric vice

Flexible connection, optimum accessibility, precise machining, easy handling​.

The RVM is a manually mechanically operated vice without power transmission for clamping all common materials.​

Its solid yet slim design offers very high stability and accessibility. It is suitable for five-axis machining of a wide variety of workpieces in just one clamping. The RVM can be used in all common milling machines.  It is designed as an eccentric vice.

  1. Top clamping jaws with Jaw quick-change geometry​
  2. Bearing-supported spindle for clamping force generation​
  3. ​Solid yet slim base jaws for minimal interfering contour​
  4. ​Central clamping screw for loosening and locking of the fixed base jaw​
  5. ​Base body with scale for adjustment and pre-positioning of the fixed base jaw
  1. Easy-to-clean open design​
  2. ​Quick-release lock for loosening the spindle sleeve​
  3. ​Threaded sleeve - forms the power clamping unit in conjunction with the spindle​
  4. ​Threaded hole for screwable workpiece stop

Flexible connection to machine table

  • with screws through the base rail (alignment via keyways possible)​
  • via zero point clamping system (for EasyLock Ø25/M12)​
  • by means of clamping claws on the outer contour of the rail (alignment possible via keyways). Rail lengths suitable for zero point clamping systems with support plate 350x350mm.​

and workpiece ​

  • Quick jaw change system for jaw change within seconds​
  • Very large clamping range for machining workpieces of various sizes and geometries​

Ideal accessibility due to low interference contour​

  • Tool-optimised design: short clamping tools can be used; thus longer tool life possible due to low vibrations​
  • Optimum chip flow- Low overall height​

Precise machining

  • transfers accuracy of the machine to the workpiece​
  • Only one clamping, as machining operations on the workpiece can be reduced​
  • High clamping force up to 80kN total and 40kN per jaw ​

Easy handling​

  • Freely positionable clamping centre due to simple traversability on the base rail​
  • Quick clamping range adjustment through jaw quick-change system reduces set-up times​
  • Very large clamping range up to 195mm for machining workpieces of various sizes and geometries​
  • Quick changeover due to quick clamping screw and dimensional scale ​
  • Same key for clamping and operation and thus only one tool required for operation​
  • Quick release bolt for spindle sleeve​
  • Easy to clean