Collet chucks for DIN collets

For external clamping by means of DIN collets or segment collets for turning, milling and drilling as well as measuring

Are you already using DIN 6343 collets? And, are you looking for a powerful collet chuck? Then you are at the right place here.

1: Body

2: Thrust sleeve for steel collets and segment collets. By replacing the thrust sleeve, duo-segment collets can be used.

3: Union nut with bayonet lock

4: Protection against torsion for the thrust sleeve

5: Protection against torsion for the collet


Force-actuated external clamping of round workpieces as well as square and hexagonal profiles. For turning, milling, grinding operations as well as for measuring. Ideal for bar and pipe machining on the main spindle
Clamping range: Ø 2 – 80

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