Key-type drill chuck for universal use

Key-type drill chucks are all-round talents among drill chucks. In box column drills, hand-operated corded and cordless drills, the chucks prevail in every way. Increased power transmission is achieved due to the solid construction and use of drill chuck keys.


1: Threaded or cone mount available

2: Solid construction for a long service life

3: Clamping force increase from proven transmission principle of the gear ring and chuck key.

4: Can be used universally for stationary use and on hand-operated drills

Prima-I, -S, -M, -L

PRIMA-I, -S, -M, -L key-type drill chucks for box-column drills, machine tools and hand-operated percussion drills

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key-type drill chucks for do-it-yourselfer drills in a hexagonal design for running clockwise and counter-clockwise

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Prima-Mat (LT-MT)

key-type drill chuck with eccentric clamping force safety device for high impact frequencies

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key-type drill chuck with SDS plus mounting shank

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key-type drill chuck in a stainless steel design for medical, laboratory and food technology

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key-type drill chuck with SDS plus adapter shank and carbide inserts in the clamping jaws to transmit the entire impact energy to the bit during the hammer function

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Drill Chuck Assembly Line at Röhm, Germany

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