The Forto-HT is a hydraulic clamping cylinder with a through-hole for actuating power chucks and collet chucks. It is mainly used on CNC turning machines and machining centres for automatic clamping in hollow clamping. This makes it particularly well suited for machining long workpieces, up to bar material. In the Forto-HT name, the H stands for hydraulics and the T for through-hole. It scores with the highest actuating forces and high speeds with very good smooth running at the same time.

Various (optional) rotary unions make it possible to feed media through to the clamping devices. Different (optional) travel measuring systems make it possible for the machine controller to monitor the piston stroke or alternatively piston position.

In the event of an unexpected pressure drop during machining, a safety device ensures that the actuating force is maintained until the spindle comes to an emergency stop.

The Forto-HT expands the hollow clamping cylinders portfolio.

  1. Switching disc for travel measuring system
  2. Threaded connection on back side
  3. Piston housing
  4. Connection for drawtube
  5. Piston
  6. Pressure chamber
  7. Leakage oil nozzle
  8. Hydraulic feed (retraction)
  9. Hydraulic feed (extension)
  10. Coolant collector
  11. Coolant drain

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