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The Röhm Corporate Group is ahead of its time with its innovative clamping and gripping technology solutions. In addition to the extremely successful e-Quipment Line or the pioneering micro technology the specialists are now launching a revised vice line.

The successful model RKE from RÖHM

Most notable is the totally new design. This is not only a visual highlight but also offers numerous technical improvements. For example, fewer interfering contours offer better chip discharge, protective caps and dirt protectors prevent penetration of chips into the solid basic body made of steel. All surfaces and guides are hardened and ground on all sides. The central grease nipple is easily accessible directly next to the adjustable drive spindle.

The RKE can be used universally thanks to its horizontal, lateral and vertical mounting options. Thanks to the thread bores, all RÖHM flat-clamping jaws with jaw widths 125 and 160 can be fitted.

The broad RÖHM jaw program guarantees numerous application options. Further advantages are the space-saving design, as well as the application and machining flexibility. RÖHM NC-Compact vices convince through their product variety, capability and their absolutely reliable function.

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RZM centric vice - ideal for 5-axis processing centres

The number of 5-axis processing centres on the market is growing all the time. With the help of efficient 5-axis machining technology, processing times can be to significantly reduced. For 5-sided processing to be possible, there needs to be a sufficient distance between the surface that is being processed and the machine table, which must be at least equal to the radius of the processing tool.

The new RZM from Röhm is designed to meet these requirements. Without any additional substructures or special jaws, the centric clamping unit holds the workpiece securely - with a minimum interference contour as is standard with 5-axis clamping.

The special features of the RZM are the relatively high position of the clamping jaws, the spindle situated at the top, close to the jaws, the length of the jaws themselves and the compact design, which serves to keep interference contours to a minimum. The characteristic height of the vice (195 millimetres) covers most interference circle dimensions for processing spindles. The outstanding guidance characteristics are based on a patent-protected jaw guidance system. In this innovative design, the first jaw moves on the outside and the second inside, along the base body. This quasi-telescopic arrangement makes it possible to realise an exceptional guidance length without placing any significant limits on the 5-axis processing. When fully opened the RZM hardly has any interference contours, and the telescoping jaws make it possible for the vice to be closed to the zero point. As a result of this 'double guidance' system, the complete range of clamping tasks can be handled without any need for the jaws to be remounted.

With the close positioning of the clamping spindle in relation to the workpiece, an effective transmission of forces can be achieved. This design gives the RZM an exceptional clamping rigidity, ensuring ideal processing quality combined with a minimal intrinsic weight.

The RZM has a very open design for optimised chip removal, so even in heavy machining operations it is easy to keep the vice clean.

As the ideal complement to the RZM, Röhm's SKB claw jaws are the recommended solution. These jaw attachments make it possible for unfinished parts and parts for processing to be securely clamped to a clamping depth of two millimetres. This is achieved through the insertion of hardened claws in the material that is to be clamped. The interlocking hold results in extremely high clamping force, coupled with significantly reduced power consumption and minimal loss of material - an important advantage, especially in connection with sensitive and easily distorted parts. And the claw jaws offer further savings of time and costs, seeing that the interlocking hold is achieved without the need of an additional stamping station of the kind commonly found on the market.

With its high jaws, optimised guidance properties and its highly compact and stable design, the RZM centric clamping unit shows once again RÖHM's comprehensive innovative skills in the field of clamping technology. The RZM's patented guidance system closes a gap that has existed on the market, and supports the efficient use of 5-axis machining technology.

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