NC centering vices

For very large clamping strokes and best accessibility up to 25 kN, centric clamping

Thanks to its compact and robust design, the NC centering vices from RÖHM have a minimal interference contour, enabling optimal workpiece accessibility in 5-axis machining. Two movable clamping jaws ensure a constant clamping force, high repeatability and large clamping stroke.

Without additional foundations or special jaws, the RZM centering vice holds the workpiece securely – and does this with a minimal interference contour. The clamping spindle is located very close to the workpiece, creating an effective force flow and providing extremely rigid clamping. The patented guide system of the jaws makes a very large clamping range possible.

1: Compact construction for best workpiece accessibility from 5 sides

2: Very large clamping range from patented guide system of the jaws

3: Extremely rigid clamping and effective force flow by the clamping spindle lying very close to the workpiece

4: Open design for optimal chip discharge


without power transmitter, with very large clamping stroke up to 136 mm and small interference contour, up to 25 kN.

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