Independent chucks

for initial machining with high machining forces

Independent chucks from RÖHM are particularly successful and effective when force has top priority. Due to the increased rigidity and optimal wear behavior, they are especially suitable for the initial machining of irregular, regular and round workpieces and make high machining forces and a longer machine service life possible.

The four jaws can be independently adjusted via the threaded spindle, thereby allowing the safe and easy clamping of irregular, regular, as well as round workpieces.

1: Solid steel body is very wear resistant and ideally suited for high machining forces

2: Concentric rings for easy rough centering

3: Radially arranged threaded spindle transfers force directly to the respective jaws

4: Jaws individually adjustable via threaded spindle

ES series

4-jaw jaw chuck for turning machines for safe machining of large, heavy or irregularly-shaped workpieces, 260-800 mm outside diameter; up to 45 kN clamping force

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