Swivel units

for automated loading and unloading and quick and precise insertion

For automated loading and unloading of machine tools as well as for quick and precise insertion of components in assembly systems, the RSP-Flex swivel units provide an alternative to complex custom designs. Thanks to the modular structure and the extensive expansion options, they can be integrated flexibly and reliably. The innovative shock absorber concept with flexible and infinitely variable adjustability in all end positions allows for smooth and precise swiveling.


1: Maintenance-free precision dampers with high impact load capability

2: Flexibly adjustable damper hardness

3: Finely adjustable end position without loss of accuracy

4: Strongly dimensioned ball bearing guide for high load capacity

5: Variant with locked center position for additional swiveling range


Swivel unit with high torque and compact design. Flexibly adjustable shock absorber hardness; sizes 32, 42, 52; up to 58 Nm

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