Extra 50-Series

The shortest, quick-action, professional drill chuck in the world for easy handling

Professionals know that perfect work equipment has super-strong forces, is indestructible, weighs almost nothing and is infinitely small. We at Röhm are getting a bit closer to this wish with the Extra 50. The Extra 50 quick-action drill chuck is just 51 mm short <for machines with up to 80 Nm>. That is the record in the professional sector. With the short Extra 50, the drill becomes shorter and has less tilting moment for the worker. This makes the work easier and less fatiguing.  Naturally, each Extra 50 also has radial locking, so that the drill chuck doesn’t open when turning counter-clockwise, and it is also impact resistant.


1: Very compact design so that the entire machine is less top heavy – shortest professional drill chuck in the world at 51 mm

2: Radial locking to prevent unwanted release of the tool when running in a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction also making it impact resistant

3: Freely turning protective disc to prevent damage

4: Low wear due to clamping bevels of the jaws made of hard metal

Extra 50-RV 

with radial locking and only 51 mm overall length, metal design

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Extra 50-RV  

Extra 50-RV with radial locking and only 51 mm overall length, plastic design – in development


Drill Chuck Assembly Line at Röhm, Germany

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