Finally your machine tool can show which way is forwards.

The DURO-A RC is a three-jaw chuck with a throughhole and quick jaw change system that can be clamped automatically (hydraulically) by a CNC machine. RC stands for rapid change, A for automatic. It is mainly used for turning of cylindrical and disc-shaped blanks with frequently changing part geometries. It scores points over comparable products by its very quick jaw change, low height and high speeds, making it  especially suitable for flexible use in automated production. Due to its longevity, the DURO-A RC has a warranty of 36 months, and with its competitive price, it has a low total cost of ownership.

The DURO-A RC  replaces the Röhm DURO-NC and DURO-NCSE chucks. They will only be available in the future as part of custom solutions.

Designed for
Automatic machining equipment for changing geometries

Machining bars, tools, flanges, and discs


  • Fast jaw change (less than 60 s)
  • High clamping forces (up to 240 kN, in the 400-series version)
  • High speeds (up to 6,300 rpm in the 180-series version)
  • Low height

Why it's a wise investment

  • Backed by a 36-month warranty
  • Competitive pricing
  1. Base jaws, straight teeth
  2. Body
  3. Key bar
  4. Ring piston
  5. Centre mount
  6. Threaded ring
  7. Centre sleeve

Technology of the DURO-A RC power chuck