Clamping force measurement
during machining


This is what the iJaw stands for:

Greater machine availability

Faster setup

Scheduled chuck maintenance *

Productivity increase

Process optimization


Lower part costs

Cycle time optimization

Detection of production errors

Optimum clamping of thin-walled workpieces

More safety during machining

Quickly detect loss of clamping force

Alarm for undercutting and exceeding

Timely intervention possible

Prevent workpiece loss

Documentation of measurement data

Fulfillment of the verification obligation

Carrying out analyses

Clamping devices with
integrated sensor technology – iJaw

From the outside, the iJaw can hardly be distinguished from a "normal" clamping jaw. Inside the iJaw are the electronics and power supply.

The composition of the iJaw

  1. Waterproof cover, lithium-ion battery behind it
  2. Sensor
  3. Clamping insert with mounting screw
  4. O-Link wireless interface with antenna, or balancing weights for fine balancing
  5. Console jaw as top jaw with toothing

OEM solution

By OEM solution, we mean the integration of the iJaw functions into the controller of the machine tool by the manufacturer.


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With this retrofit solution, all existing turning machines can be equipped with the iJaw.


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All the advantages of the iJaw retrofit solution summarized in one video

We take nature as our model. Clamping and gripping exactly with the required force. We call this SMARTER CLAMPING.

For this purpose, we have developed clamping and gripping technology with integrated sensor technology.

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