Enhance Precision simply with an extra-large through-hole.

The DURO-A Plus is a three-jaw chuck with an especially large through-hole, which can be actuated automatically, i.e. hydraulically or pneumatically, by a CNC machine via a cylinder. It is mainly used for turning cylindrical and disc-shaped blanks as well as for machining bars and pipes. It scores points by its very advantageous outer diameter / drill hole ratio, a reduced interference contour as well as high speeds. This makes it especially suited for efficient use in automated manufacturing. The DURO-A Plus supplements the DURO-A series with a chuck with a very large through-hole. It replaces the Röhm chuck of the KFD-HS type. The jaws of the KFD-HS fit on all chucks of the DURO-A family (DURO-A and DURO-A Plus).

Designed for
Automatic machining equipment.

Machining of rods, tubes, flanges, washers


  • Very large through-hole
  • Reduced interference contour
  • High speeds (up to 7,000 rpm in the 175-series version)

Why it's a wise investment

  • Long-lasting
  • Thanks to the large through-hole, the DURO-A Plus can be used to machine diameters for which the next chuck size is usually required.
  1. Flange with short taper mount
  2. Ring piston
  3. Base jaws
  4. Threaded ring
  5. Base body