Code of Conduct

A Röhm product is much more than just a clamping device Made in Germany. It is a promise. This promise is not just intertwined with quality and precision, it is also a question of working together and how each individual behaves and interacts who develops, manufactures and sells Röhm products. For that purpose we gave us our code of conduct.

For us it is important that everyone who contributes to a clamping device of Röhm adheres to this code of conduct.

For our Business Partners

The guidlines which we adhere to ourselves do also set the standard for our business partners. You will find the Röhm code of our conduct for our customers and suppliers in our suppliers area.


Externally appointed attorneys (ombudspersons) advise on the whistleblower system and ensure that reports from whistleblowers are submitted whistleblowers - anonymously if desired - are forwarded to the forwarded to the appropriate office.
Here you will find all the information you need to contact the ombudspersons:

Questions or suggestions on how to improve the whistleblower system can also be directed to the company's information e-mail or to the compliance officer of your company.

Something is not the way it should be?

If you observed a Code of Conduct outrage

Someone violated our code of conduct? An emploee of the Röhm-group? One of our business partners? We, as a company? Feel free to tell us. Stay anonymous, if you will.

  • Use the contact form below
  • Employees may also use our internal mail box at the Sontheim location in our administration building ("Hochhaus"), basement.
Damit wir den Verstoß schnellstmöglich aufklären können, bitten wir Sie um möglichst detaillierte Angaben zum Verstoß sowie um Angaben zu Ort und Zeitpunkt.
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