Automatic lubrication device now available for HSK-A40 and HSK-A50

For tool clamping systems to function flawlessly in milling machines and machining centers, regular care is recommended by the manufacturer. Röhm, the clamping and gripping specialist, developed the Lubritool® for to facilitate this task. Lubritool® completes the lubrication automatically within 5 seconds. Traditional methods of manual lubrication usually take about 5 minutes. This helpful tool is now also available in sizes HSK-A40 and HSK-A50. Due to the minimal maintenance times, the machine availability increases by around 10 hours per year. In the process, the precision dosing ensures resource-efficient lubrication. The payback time for the tool is usually less than six months.

This is how the patent-pending lubrication system works: After being prompted by the machine controller, the Lubritool® is swapped in automatically directly from the tool magazine and provides the clamping set with the ideal amount of lubrication. The insertion process triggers a lubrication stroke that applies the lubricant. After this process, the Lubritool® is returned back into the tool magazine where it remains until the next lubrication cycle. This productive solution always guarantees optimum lubrication. The right lubricant is always there at the right place, at the exact time and in the proper amount. The process takes place automatically, so that maintenance cannot be forgotten. Due to the log in the automatic tooling system, there is automatically digital documentation as evidence for the warranty. Due to the compact design, the lubrication system fits in any conventional machine tool. In addition to sizes HSK-A63 and HSK-A100, as well as now the new HSK-A40 and HSK-A50, other sizes such as CAPTO and KM4X63 are being prepared at Röhm.


Here you can find the video "Röhm – Lubritool lubrication device", which shows the functionality of this highly functional solution in a practical way.