The clamping tools which we manufacture are as varied as the sectors for which we work.

We don´t just serve one sector. We are open to all the requests and needs of different fields. Regardless of the rquirements which different sectors present, they all have one thing in common. They place a great value on RÖHM´s top quality clamping technology.

Automobile industry

With hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical devices to clamp any components in the automotive sector, we provide our customers a competitive edge in the global competition.

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RÖHM stands for well-engineered and durable products which makes it easy for our customers to solve their tasks.

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micro technology

High-tech in a minimum compass is offered by RÖHM’s individual clamping solutions. For the processing of delicate microcomponents of the watch and jewellery industry, the medical techology or many other sectors.

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Aviation and aerospace

The innovations of the RÖHM clamping technology provide important parts for the development of this business. 

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Rail vehicles

Constantly increasing demand on mobility, safety and environment protection determine the main development of our clamping technology.

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Energy sector

Through our long and deep experience in these industries, we offer our customers advanced and economical solutions.

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Industry and Trade

Since more than 100 years RÖHM produces technically sophisticated and durable products, which you can rely on everydays life.

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