Lunis-Series: Self-centering steady rests for precision up to 5µ

For supporting slender turned parts

The Lunis is a self-centering, hydraulically actuated steady rest. It is mainly used on CNC turning machines for supporting long, slim turned parts during machining. It enables concentricity and form tolerances of max. 5 μm to be maintained.

Even in the basic version (from size 08-105), the Lunis is sealed as standard. For tight installation spaces, there is the Lunis-B version with a side-mounted cylinder. 

If required, compressed air can be used to prevent contamination from chips, coolant or debris. In the LUNIS-SC, coolant replaces compressed air for this function. Optional chip guards are available
upon request to avoid scratching the surface of the workpiece.

The Lunis replaces the Röhm steady rests from the SLZN and SLZNB series. The name "Lunis" comes from Latin (lat: Luna = moon) and refers to the figure of the crescent-shaped clamping arms.


Automatically clamping, horizontal and vertical turning machines


Support of long, slim turned parts for the highest accuracy up to 5 microns during turning


  • Modular system allows numerous combinations
  • Sealed housing as standard
  • Standard connection for sealing air


  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Low air consumption due to sealing

The perfect Interplay - the design of the Lunis

1. Piston (inside)
2. Cam segment (inside)
3. Return lever (inside)
4. Clamping arm, outside
5. Optional chip guard
6. Clamping arm, center
7. Scraper bar
8. Optional eccentric adjustment
9. Rollers
10. Mounting holes
11. Compressed air connection G1/8"
12. Safety valve
13. Connection for central lubrication
14. Hydraulic connection (opening)
15. Hydraulic connection (closing)
16. Metering cartridges (with manual lubrication option, grease nipple)

Lunis-S with rear-mounted hydraulic cylinder

Sealed version with rear mounted hydraulic cylinder
Diameter: 4-460 mm (options: coolant feed-through, chip guard, rollers, eccentric fine adjustment, proximity switch, F90 position indicator)


Lunis-B with side-mounted hydraulic cylinder

Sealed version with side-mounted hydraulic cylinder
Spannbereich: 8-460 mm (Options: Coolant feed-through, Chip guard, Rollers, Eccentric fine adjustment, Proximity switch, F90 position indicator)


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