Clamping cylinders with through-hole

for actuation of power chucks or collet chucks for hollow clamping

Thanks to the large through-hole, RÖHM clamping cylinders with through-hole are optimally suited for machining different types of bar material. The short design and low weight of the clamping cylinders protect the machine spindles. The safety device ensures operational safety even when the power supply fails during spindle rotation.

The clamping cylinders from Röhm come with either hydraulic or pneumatic actuation.

1: Stroke monitor to monitor the clamping status

2: Low rotating mass due to compact construction for lowest possible spindle load

3: Large bar through-hole for flexible use

4: Assurance of operating safety via the safety device


Short cylinder design with large through-hole and high speeds for hydraulic actuation for operating pressures of 8 - 45 bar
Optional: Linear path measuring system F90.

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Short cylinder design with pneumatic actuation for operating pressures of 1.5 - 8 bar

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