Solid centers

for counter-clamping workpieces on turning and grinding machines with max. 0.005 mm concentricity deviation

Optimally suited for counter-clamping workpieces on lathes with tailstock bearing and grinding machines in one set-up as well as for measurement technology. The solid centers are hardened and ground.

  • High wear resistance thanks to tool steel / carbide insert
  • High load capacity and rigidity thanks to compact design
  • Concentricity deviation of up to 0.005 mm

1: Mounting shank for use in turning machines with tailstock bearing, as well as grinding and measuring machines

2: Concentricity deviation of up to 0.005 mm

3: High load capacity and rigidity due to compact design made of one piece

4: Numerous designs available with hard metal, full point, half point as well as draw-off nut

FZS series with draw-off nut

Similar to DIN 807 full point, up to MK6

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