Air-operated self-contained chucks

With integrated pneumatic cylinder especially for precision machining of long pipes. For machines without an integrated clamping cylinder for retrofitting conventional machines with manual chucks.

The air-operated self-contained chucks LVE are optimally suited for machining the ends of pipes, especially large and long pipes like the ones used for extracting crude oil or natural gas. For this, a chuck is mounted to the front and rear sides of the machine spindle. This combination allows high chip-cutting performance with high workpiece precision.

High clamping forces can be realized even as of 2 bar of pneumatic operating pressure. That way no separate pressure-generating unit is required, rather existing installations (usually 6 bar) can be used.

The petroleum and natural gas industry remain unchanged as suppliers of raw materials for the energy-generating and petrochemical industry. The delivery and refining of these two raw materials call for the highest precision and greatest possible safety. Technically mature products like the air-operated self-contained chuck with large through-hole from RÖHM enable reliable processing of a great variety of workpieces with the highest safety standard.

1: Static distribution ring for transfer of the compressed air

2: High load capacity due to wedge-hook system

3: Large through-hole for hollow and partly-hollow clamping

4: Double check valve to maintain the clamping force while rotating


Power chucks with integrated pneumatic cylinder for clamping flanges, bars and pipes, above all for machines without an integrated clamping cylinder.
As of 2 bars of operating pressure
Ø 125-315

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LVE with large through-hole

Power chucks with an extra-large through-hole and integrated pneumatic cylinder for clamping large and long pipes, e.g. in the petroleum and gas industry
Optional: Pressure control device
Optional: Rapid and clamping jaw movement
as of 2 bar operating pressure
Ø 400-800

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