HSK Super-Lock

HSK Super-Lock for clamping HSK tools with the shortest overall lengths

The trend towards modern milling machines comes with two requirements concerning the automatic clamping systems. In the area of high-speed cutting (HSC), increasingly higher speeds and therefore higher balancing qualities are required. Due to higher machining forces during high-performance cutting (HPC), interfaces must be more rigid as well.  Super-Lock meets these requirements, and it does so with a length that is approx. 50% shorter than conventional clamping systems with springs.

1: Rotary union for media feed of coolant and cleaning air

2: Stationary clamping and release unit for actuation of the locking unit, individual configurations possible

3: Short and rotationally-symmetric locking unit with high balance quality

4: HSK clamping set for highest speeds with short overall length, compact force flow and high rigidity

HSK Superlock

for clamping HSK tools with the shortest overall lengths

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