Drill Chucks

Everything at Röhm started with drill chucks. Röhm has developed and manufactured these practical tool holders for hand-operated and stationary drills for more than 100 years. Open the chuck, insert the bit, close the chuck. Finished! And with maximum clamping force – as you are used to from Röhm. To this day, the premium chucks from Röhm are made in Germany and connect the tool to the drill worldwide for almost all well-known makes.


Quick-action drill chucks, automatic retightening, Spiro series

with the highest concentricity up to 0.05 mm for machine tools, boring machines, box-column drills 


Quick-action drill chucks, automatic retightening, Supra series

with high concentricity up to 0.12 mm for box-column drills, hand-operated drills



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Drill Chuck Assembly Line at Röhm, Germany

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