Innovation Award Ostwürttemberg 2022

Innovation Award Ostwürttemberg (Germany) 2022: We are pleased because our patented iJaw is a top performer in the category patents.

This is how the patented iJaw works: 
The forces applied by the jaw are detected by an integrated sensor, and the data is transmitted and processed accordingly. The patented iJaw measures not only the actually applied forces of the internal and external clamping but also its own temperature. The charging status of the battery is also always visible. 

If data from the pressure display is available, the patented iJaw can also be used to monitor the condition and efficiency of the power chuck. The patented iJaw measures in real-time during machining. For this purpose, it has a suitably robust hardened steel and waterproof (IP 68) design. The transmitting antenna has a cover made of high-temperature resistant plastic to protect against glowing chips. 

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