NEW SALES CAMPAIGN: Smooth operation from now on!


With guaranteed satisfaction! Test our newly updated Lubritool® lubrication device for 4 WEEKS FREE OF CHARGE!Read more »

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AMB 2018: Lucky winners


The lucky winners of the 3 main prizes come from mechanical engineering and metal-cutting contract manufacturing industries (Austria and Germany) and were personally informed by the RÖHM sales manager last week. Read more »

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AMB 2018: Product handling is child’s play


Visitors at the Röhm booth experienced how Röhm reduces set-up time to less than 60 seconds, following the motto of “Done in 60 seconds”. To go along with this, there was a set-up time challenge in which visitors could prove...Read more »

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NEW: DURO-A RC power chuck


The new DURO-A RC power chuck delivers as a true PRICE-PERFORMANCE CHAMPION across the board. With the quick jaw change system and individual unlocking, the jaws can be changed, moved or turned flexibly and with less set-up time...Read more »

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RÖHM Replacement campaign - scrappage bonus


NEW CHUCKS FOR OLD! Exchange your old chuck for a new one from RÖHM, and you can be better, faster and more productive. You get 1€ per millimeter Diameter of the new RÖHM chuck when you trade in your old one - from any...Read more »

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The KFD-HS power chuck from RÖHM


A lot of shavings in just a short time. In addition, a long service life, the highest precision and accuracy: Users of Röhm products are used to this, and exactly that is offered by the clamping and gripping specialist with its...Read more »

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When the dreams of logisticians come true


That which was a future vision a few years ago is tangible reality today. With its drone gripper, the clamping and gripping specialist, RÖHM, is making the wishes of in-plant logisticians come true. That is because the gripper...Read more »

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