NC-Compact twin vices

For simultaneous clamping of two workpieces with up to 40 kN, centric clamping

Setup and cycle times are the critical factors, particularly for series production. Due to the twin clamping, the NC-Compact twin vices from RÖHM are predestined for efficient machining. Two movable clamping jaws and a stationary center jaw enable high repeatability of 0.01 mm as well as constant clamping force for each clamping operation.

The moveable clamping jaw is adjusted up to the workpiece by turning the spindle in a clockwise direction with the hand crank and held with ca. 1 kN (third manual function). By continuing to turn the hand crank, the other clamping jaw is also placed on the workpiece and secured. The force is built up via the mechanical spindle. The balance springs compensate for dimensional differences of up to ±3 mm from workpiece 1 to workpiece 2.

1: Steel body and all guides hardened and ground on all sides

2: Centric clamping can be realized by removing the center jaw

3: Lubrication nipples installed on both sides to reduce wear of the guide and spindle

4: Chip guard in every clamping position


without power transmitter for clamping with greater pre-tensioning with a constant clamping force and high repeatability, up to 40 kN and 50 mm clamping stroke pro Backe.

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RKD-M with power transmitter

with power transmitter for pre-setting the clamping force for sensitive workpieces, up to 40 kN and 50 mm clamping stroke per jaw
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